• Product Development

Product development services aim to be able to quicken the development cycles by using re usable independent components from various sources and be able to produce fast-to-market products for our clients.

Dcoders boasts to host expertise in multiple groups of technical domains, ensuring our clients success in being able to use not just one skillset but expertise available at our end. We believe in providing a point of differentiation with our experience in being able to produce and re use separate standalone components which can be used in many projects reducing the timelines of delivering the releases of the products.

  • Software Development

We have the expertise to develop a new product from ground level. We work with companies who are in different stages - from having just a vision of having detailed product architecture - and transform their work into finished products.

We can design and build quality software products , whether your software need is a concept, or you have a fully documented design specification. We build products that incorporate all phases of well-designed, manageable software solutions including product definition, planning, design, coding, release management, quality assurance testing, training, deployment, and support.

  • Offshore Development & Consulting

The selecting HR recruiter reviews the workforce analysis and identifies any skill gaps for the position requested. As part of this step, the position should be classified and method of recruitment identified. The selecting HR recruiter determines merit promotion and other considerations as per the vacancy requirement. This step should take no more than 1 day.

  • Business Intelligence & Consulting

Most organizations today recognize the need for delivery of accurate, consistent and timely information to analysts, managers, customers and other stakeholders. Yet many fail to meet these objectives for a variety of reasons, such as continued reliance on multiple legacy reporting systems and complex spreadsheets or a failure to properly implement new reporting tools. This can result in processes that are overly time-consuming, costly, and error-prone, overburdening IT departments while failing to meet compliance mandates.


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