Ciphercraft Technologies will follow four concise strategies to achieve the desired growth. They will build customized versions of their standard products, providing more value for specific groups of customers. They will develop a strong marketing infrastructure. This will be key for them to get their products out on the market. Ciphercraft Technologies will remain focused on small to medium size companies, the segment that has been largely ignored by the competition. Lastly, Ciphercraft Technologies will focus on follow-up technology which is more appropriate for the masses, instead of leading technology which is best suited for experts.

Keys To Success :

- Marketing power. We need to have our products on the shelves with attractive packaging and enough marketing power to maintain a 30% or more market share.

- Product quality and customer satisfaction. Everything we sell is guaranteed, so the product has to do what we promise and well.

- Long-term customer satisfaction is critical to our survival.

- The right management team, with strong foundations in marketing, management, finance, and product development. Enough working capital to survive in the working-capital-intensive retail channel.

Industry Analysis

The software industry is frequently segmented according to product type. The important division between designs and systems software is only the beginning. Some analysts split software into leverages, types of designs, and so on, ad infinitum.

We prefer segmentation by economics and buying patterns. This incorporates some of the product type differences, but in a more practical sense:

- OEM software Development: software sold through others. A lot of systems software and communications software are sold by hardware manufacturers or bundled together into packages. The economic model is like custom consulting or engineering; buying decisions are major events, made by committee, covering significant amounts for significant lengths of time.

- Mainline packaged software: software sold at Rs. 10,000.


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