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Our Hiring Process Model

This model presents the strategy for each step in the hiring process.

Step 1: Review Workforce Analysis and Understand Skill Gaps

The selecting HR recruiter reviews the workforce analysis and identifies any skill gaps for the position requested. As part of this step, the position should be classified and method of recruitment identified. The selecting HR recruiter determines merit promotion and other considerations as per the vacancy requirement. This step should take no more than 1 day.

Step 2: Review Position Description for Alignment with Organizational Mission and Job Requirements

The selecting HR recruiter reviews the position description for alignment with the organization's mission and job requirements.

Our HR recruiters are briefed on the objectives of the organizations they service. Standard and pre-classified position descriptions are validated during the process to ensure accuracy and alignment.

Step 3: Conduct Job Analysis

The selecting HR recruiter conducts a job analysis to identify the knowledge/skills/abilities (KSAs) and competencies associated with the vacancy. Develop job analysis library covering all mission-critical occupations, frequently filled positions, such as standard administrative and infrastructure support positions. Validate job analysis annually during review of Staffing Plan.

Step 4: Create Candidate Assessment Tool

The selecting HR recruiter selects an assessment tool for screening candidates. The assessment tool may include:


2D Animation

3D Animation

Software Development

Logo Design and Brochures

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