Edu Manager

Edu-Manager (Educational Manager) is a comprehensive, highly customizable and user-friendly software that covers every facet of the needs of all educational institutions from universities, colleges, to school districts and private schools. It is a Web-based browser solution that provides real-time views tailored fro the needs of instructors, students, parents, educational administrators and financial managers. Edu-Manager includes the following modules:

- Student Information holds all essential information on students (demographic, grades, activities, medical..)
- Instructor's resource gives teachers the online tools they need to make them easier all the school administrative requirements (attendance, discipline, grade) and to organize their lessons
- Administrative office lets Administrators manage their institution and employees efficiently.
- Finance comes with a complete set of interfaces that allow managing all financial aspects of running a school
- Document Management System provides an easy way to distribute information throughout an institution.
- Disciplinary Contact lets Administrators and Teachers enter and track disciplinary reports on students
- Placement module provides online assistance to students preparing for higher education and/or career placement
- Alumni Management imports Alumni data from the Placement and Student Information module
- Library Management is a specialized facility for librarians, designed by library professionals and conforming to all international standards
- Hostel/Dormitory Management allows assigning rooms, tracking costs, fees and maintenance
- Transportation module allows managing transportation fleet, whether it's automobiles for official use or buses for student transportation


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