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18 of Apr, 2009

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Apple Art Studios offers a range of motion capture services to customers in animation, visual effects for film and television and gaming industries

- Character creation for labelling for your retargetting.
- Cleanup service for Body/Face, from Ingame animations to cinematics/Stunts
Our pipeline can ensure you clean data reconstruction and labelling on muliple characters with props on set

-After Cleaning the data, our team is able to retarget the motion to an Actor clone and retarget the motion to your character in Motion builder/Maya/3DsMax.
-To deliver full performance, and create a previzualisation of the capture, we can also integrate sound and camera for a blocking pass.

-Cloud and Co can provide animation editing, game production has a high demand in character edition so the team can deliver animation directly for your engine, Pose to Pose, loop Animation, Props animation and finger editing.

Full time staff of 20 technicians and artists to ensure your projects get delivered at the highest quality and on schedule.
Complete prop and set construction unit onsite for all your project needs.
Exclusive data only cleanup services with an expandable team to meet your specifications and demands.
Web based client \ project portal ensuring secure data access and transfer.
Apple Art Studios is committed to providing value added motion capture services to its customers on schedule, on budget and at the best quality.


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